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Made in the USA - It's Important !


Made in the USA – It’s Important !


We proudly display the “Made in the USA” banner on all of our furniture but you may be asking yourself why purchasing American made goods is important. The reasons are many.


  • When you buy furniture that has been made in the USA, you are helping not only the national economy but your local economy as well. You will be supporting your friends and neighbors who may work in the industry and more of the dollars you spend will remain in your community. Simply put, this means that more salaries will be paid to American workers, putting people back to work and, thereby, improving the standard of living for all of us.
  • Furniture made in the USA is usually of a higher quality. Care has been given to insure proper construction. No more wobbly legs or nails and staples that can scratch and no more cheap wood veneers that may actually peel off over time.
  • Since the U.S. has higher environmental standards than many other countries, the finishes and varnishes used are safer for your family and less toxic to your home environment.


When it comes time to purchase quality furniture you will want to ask yourself these questions:


  • Does the table or chair wobble and feel unsteady?
  • Do the pieces all fit snugly together or are there gaps where pieces come together?
  • Does it look like it was made from veneers or an inferior wood that may warp and splinter over time?
  • Are there visible staples and nails?


These are all signs of poor quality construction resulting in an inferior product that is often imported from another county. Search for made in America products crafted from appropriate woods and have been properly nailed and glued together to insure durability and safety. Yes, this may cost you more in the beginning but you will save money over time as you will not have to replace a well-made item as you would a poorly made, imported piece of furniture.


While the standards are high for American made products, mistakes can happen. If you end up receiving a sub-standard piece of furniture, appliance or even clothing it is easier to dispute your purchase with an American company that has a vested interest in making sure their customers are satisfied and who take pride in a job well done.


So, the next time you are in the market for new furniture be sure to check the label and be certain that the item you are spending your hard earned dollars on was 100% made in America. After all, you may be purchasing the antiques of the future or the next valued family heirloom to pass down to your children.