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Cottage & Country

Your lifestyle is informal and down-to-earth.  You love the scent of new-mown grass, the chirping of birds at your feeder, and the sight of the ocean from the deck of your beach house.  Your home is your cottage, not your castle, and you wouldn't have it any other way.  Your rugs are braided, your blankets are quilts, and your mailbox has a farm animal painted on it.  Our Cottage & Country style furnishings were made just for you!

  • 10-Drawer Chest/Lingerie

  • 2-Door Louver Cabinet

  • 2-Drawer Coffee Table/Bench

  • 2-Drawer Nightstand

  • 2-Drawer Plate Rack

  • 2-Shelf Bookcase

  • 3-Drawer Buffet Table

  • 3-Drawer Deep Chest

  • 3-Drawer Nightstand

  • 3-Drawer Wide Chest

  • 3-Shelf Bookcase

  • 4-Drawer Chest

  • 4-Drawer Deep Chest

  • 4-Drawer Wide Chest

  • 5' Countryside Table

  • 5-Drawer Deep Chest

  • 5-Drawer Wide Chest

  • 6' Countryside Table

  • 6-Drawer Dresser

  • 6-Pane Flatback

  • 7' Countryside Table

  • 8-Drawer Chest/Lingerie

  • 8-Drawer Dresser

  • 9-Drawer Dresser

  • 9-Pane Stepback

  • Asbury Buffet

  • Bakers School Hutch

  • Barrington TV Cabinet

  • Beadboard Armoire Large

  • Beadboard Armoire Small

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