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How to decorate a pet-friendly home


It seems the world really has “gone to the dogs” as the old saying goes and I would add to that cats, birds, reptiles and all the other pets people have added to their families. Therefore, it really is important to create a home that is comfortable and safe for your pets and, of course, for your family

I am the lucky owner of two dogs, so having a home that provides comfort for them and peace of mind for me is important. I find these tips helpful:

Choose pet friendly fabrics. Cats just love to sink those claws into lush fabrics like chenille and velvet. Why? Because they shred so easily! And shredded chair backs is not what you want. And dogs do shed throughout the year, as you are probably already aware if you are a dog owner. So it is best to select fabrics that are easy to clean and resistant to claws. This would include micro-fibers and indoor/outdoor fabrics that are stain resistant and easy to clean; and natural fabrics like leather actually look better when naturally distressed over time. Avoid anything with a raised pile, loose threads (i.e. embroidery) or is very delicate (i.e. silk) and everyone will be much happier.

Choose window treatments very carefully. Those long cords can be very tempting for your cat and those raw silk draperies that puddle so beautifully on the floor will become a magnet for dog hair. Opt,instead, for styles like plantation shutters or motorized blinds that are cord free.

Provide a specific spot for your pets where they feel safe and comfortable. A color-coordinated bed that compliments your home’s décor can be placed in the family room and keep your pets nearby and part of the family and, equally as important, off of the furniture. Check out my Pinterest page for clever and unique pet bedding ideas.

Clean-up.  Your clutter can be dangerous to your pets. As you are well aware, dogs in particular, love to chew on things especially when teething and swallowing a tack from your shoe or pieces of hard plastic or rubber can wreak havoc. So keep these items our of harm’s way by elevating them or keeping plenty of bins or baskets handy for quick pick-ups as you leave the house.

We would love to see photos of your pets and their “space” in your home so please share.